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Reedin' Roolz

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Bandaid Battalion

Your Father
My Brother
My Uncle
Your Cousin
Your best buddy
My old friend
My next door neighbour
Your corner store owner
Our loss
Our debt
Our mishap
Our war

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Culture Vulture

Culture Vulture what have you done?
You took a flash from the midnight sun
Culture Vulture what will you do?
You’ll Take the holes from the morning moon

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Drink My Soul Down

Green tea goodness
Whiskey River is raw
Milk for our sorry stomachs
Juice for our simple joys
Beer for our bloated bellies
Water for our weary worries

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Eyes of the World

These Eyes of the world
No longer seem so blue
Darkness is all I see
Storm clouds digging in deep
These eyes of the world
Wish to see peace
Hopelessly hoping

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My pencils are dull
My erasers are black
There’s a solid steel seat
Engraving it’s name in my back
My paper is torn
My paperclip is bent
Schooled and fooled

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Folkin’ Around

To all the folks who care to think
To all the folks who like their drink
To all the folks who share their love
To all the folks who look above
Never stop folkin

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Railroad Soul Blues

The shriek of the train
Rolling in my heart
Last stop is Arkansas
Craving a head start
Goodbye cruel world
Goodbye Annie Lee
You got your wish
You’re free to be

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Dig and Dive

Dig and Dive
Jump and Jive
Earth slowly blowing it’s last breath
Ain’t it good to be alive?

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What did you see?
Wish we all were in harmony
What did you feel?
Wish this nightmare wasn’t real
I am you
You are me

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Goin Clean

Tears during the midnight hour
Tears in the early morning rain
They say dont grow sour
They say Life is all pain

I’m going clean
You better believe

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