Eric-Burrows (41 Poems)

Likes humour, walking dogs. Politically very cynical. Twitters constantly @ericburrows.. My only belief is Nature and the Universe because I am here. I think!

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What Isl

I know what makes the skies so blue
the mountains climb so high
but I know not
from whence I came and what’s my goal
I only hope I have a soul
to fly

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The Mind

Paradise is in the mind
when asleep
we sometimes find
a wisp discerning
dissolving like a morning mist

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Never Know

Drinking beer
watching box
removing clothes
final socks
climb in bed
sorry sight
under blanket
pull it tight
wonder what
I’ll dream tonight

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Time in dreams
a teardrop lands
building castles
made of sand
holidays in sun and rain
I am that distant child again

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Lights out

Dream at times of someone
so very very bright
who lights up our living landscapes
but will never make it through the night
The light dims

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Not forgotten

Some dreams can upset your day
of loved ones that have gone away
but at times they leave a yen
make you want to dream again.

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Cold Dog

Dreamed it was snowing
really hard going
cold to the marrow in fog
woke up freezing
started sneezing
duvet pulled off by the dog

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#micropoetry #veryshortstory


I dreamed I flew over
the White Cliffs of Dover
the Pyramids at Giza
The Seine
next day at dawn
the dream it was gone
I wish I could do it again

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The end

Evolution has its way
I think we have had our day
but what comes after
maybe dafter
who can tell
and who can say?

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Dreams love

Dreamers dream of many things
bizarre sublime of queens & kings
but dreams to cherish which I do
romance and love
are dreams of you

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