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Born in Provence in the spring of 1969, I work in arts and culture sector for twenty-five years. I made radio shows, produced festivals, created magazines, a design studio or a publishing house... Largely self-taught, my career has been built over the meetings. From my experience in the press, I kept a taste for short forms in text, music or video. If I write, film or play, poetry remains my way. So I started by writing, then I played and I still play in a garage rock band (Mike Hey No More). I then approached the dialogue between words, sounds and pictures live in the multimedia trio Ana in 2004. Since I am particularly focused on works where the text takes other paths than the paper like live performances (Printemps des poètes, BPI Pompidou, Capc Bordeaux, Jimmachine tour in Japan...), visual art (Chevaux 2 Vent) and internet (Viral) or mainly video poetry. My video work has been featured on festivals, webzines and galleries in England (Liberated Worlds/Bristol Poetry Festival, Pallant House Gallery), Belgium (Antwerp Filmpoem Festival), the USA (Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, Viewster, Toff, Gnarled Oak, International Mobile Film Festival), Lithuania (Tarp festival), Ukraine (Cyclop Videopoetry International Festival), Greece (International Film Festival Poetry), Australia and New Zealand (Mina), Brazil (Mobgraphia), Spain (Sinestesia), but also in France: Vidéoformes, Instants Video, Ciné Poèmes etc. Otherwise I got the Coup de Coeur Prix du Carnet de Voyage Numérique in the Rendez-vous du Carnet de voyage of Clermont-Ferrand for my filmpoem Yama Sakura. For me, videopoetry is this rare moment of grace where images carry with music an imaginary in osmosis of the text. A quest somehow...

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