artist-etc (10 Poems)

LA native, lover of nature, absurdity, and art.

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taste of my perspective
isn’t it selfish?
love heals all things, eventually
come swim on this wavelength
til we both perish
higher selves at highest heights

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Two Months

are tales of you enough?
doesn’t feel like it but it’s been two months,
I can still feel the air in church,
hear your mother’s sobs,
can’t believe you’re gone.

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Alice in LA

pain not from concentrate
fresh-squeezed blood, unfiltered sadness
in/out of breath, and veins
winter yet it hardly rains
lost in a field of what ifs again

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whether it be late nights-vodka- dancing,
or tucked in to a documentary,
drawn to you,
like the sun to the horizon.

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pretenses flow like wine
a river through your blackened insides
roses bloom for spring
“will there be any at your grave site?”
a thought that plagues all men

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dead heat

rise like smoke
four o’clock in the morning
tender/loving, raw/unnerving
not much else in common

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