a body immobile stays-

oh, something’s wrong now
the world flows on, over, around me
and time, time bowls me over
and though I try
by God, i cannot #move

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Old photos

you, we, I made sense
on the day of the senior year social
sunny skies, outdated hair
promise and hope were down the road
and for others: despair

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remember to live

we remember beginnings and endings,
forgetting the #between of life,
the innumerable mornings
& scintillating nights

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It’s the falling-off feeling,
the frantic tumble, the moment of
toes leaving sand,
feet leaving time,
Occam’s Razor & name it

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Every breath you take
Is defiance,
Laughter in the face of
The ones who say “you can’t”

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hold on,
#slow down,
& take a breath;
try to make this last
because before we know it,
our now will be the past

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Word Choice

I can’t-
I don’t-
I’ll fail-
I won’t-
I’ll eschew negativity
for today, choosing
coupled with “someday”

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Gatsby’s Last Dance

Ankle-deep in the Hudson, stretching
toward something he never really had
by the dock, the waltzers beckon
haloed in hazy green they #glow

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make, re-
make a moment
words are mush,
esoteric mush
& images are fickle.
blue becomes red on the Rubik’s cube,
click, snap
and all that’s left
is the #glow

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65 degrees and falling

In 30 hours’ time, snow will suffocate
all that remains of autumn
so cling to the warm, fragrant nights & laugh
at the days we called #forever

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