And though the world is vast,
We are all #under the same laws of nature, the same constraints of time
& the same endless sky

(125 Characters incl spaces)



these #walls
are only as thick as the space between
one thought and the next
or the breath of air punctuating
a change of heart

(136 Characters incl spaces)



#beneath the mind like peeling paint
Are the old dreams that lie in wait
Exposed to sunlight, they will grow
And remind us how much we know

(139 characters incl. spaces)


A mantra

Free yourself of the #trap,
the thoughts that deceive;
You still have the power
to get up and leave.

(101 characters incl. spaces)



#yesterday: 3 syllables,
broken down further, it is a metaphor:
a leaf, dried out by winter, unable to return the branch,
but the pieces stick to my coat

(154 characters incl. spaces)


second chances

Sunrise: the sky #transforms itself, and so must I;
Today will be the day.
Sunset: I am proven wrong again, but then-
Sunrise: perhaps second chances

(156 characters incl. spaces)


August 6th

Perfection is found
#within this moment
on a day that is the definition of mild
in place that is the definition of home

(119 characters incl. spaces)



we can #stop many things:
a car, a bad habit, even a heart,
but not love–
never love

(85 characters incl. spaces)



summer’s humid cape
wraps us in a rain-free world
but the teary-eyed lilacs
#still remember the deluge

(102 characters incl. spaces)


May 6th

there is nothing as beautiful
as the #edge of a season,
summer’s humid fingers tugging on
spring’s patient skirts

(116 characters incl. spaces)