anuradha (9 Poems)

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The bird caged for years
Unseen were her tears
when open was left the cage door
she noticed no more

(100 Characters incl spaces)


Seasons of Life

Glistening leaves washed by rain
Puddles where dry earth had lain
Seasons come and seasons go
Know that so does joy and woe

(125 Characters incl spaces)


Silent Signs

The wind blown leaves
The rain swept meadows
The flowers fallen and torn
Spoke of a storm come and gone

(107 Characters incl spaces)


Life’s Canvas

Linear black patterns
Gave way to shades of grey
Slowly crept in blue & then green
A touch of red was then slowly seen
Soon a rainbow where black had once been

(160 Characters incl spaces)


It is as it is

It always was so
She had never known tho
And then when it all finally fell apart
She realized her heart had known from the start

(130 Characters incl spaces)



Silent Dance

tiptoeing through the day
she went silently about her way
hearing notes from a long forgotten song
her feet silent her soul danced along

(137 Characters incl spaces)


Nature’s Cacophony

The chirping birds amongst the rustling leaves
The falling rain and the whistling wind
A magical beat all their own
Nature’s melody evergreen never worn

(154 Characters incl spaces)



She tiptoed through life
Till one day
A forgotten melody played, her anklets jingled
She danced and the world was her stage
and her life she scripted

(150 Characters incl spaces)


Her Journey

They left her all alone
One tear and one sigh at a time
She existed
Slowly, one prayer and one smile at a time
She lived

(122 Characters incl spaces)