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I am a transcriptionist. I am good at transcription, proofreading, editing and writing.

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Hope remains in existence

There is always a way out to present with regards to how things shape in future
The light we see around us has got a reason
Hope remains
Time flies
Life continues to present moment in mind.

(190 Characters incl spaces)


The night continues

Nothing else comes to mind
Absolutely nothing

Even the moon in the sky can be seen clearly
Time flies
Night continues

Worries and expectations remain in mind like prior.

(171 Characters incl spaces)



Later on, it was realized love is the only thing that remains in life all the time
Odds and opportunity are part of life
Will remain in life

(140 Characters incl spaces)



Dreams & desire
An uncertain future
An experience from past haunts again in present
Hope gets rekindled in present

(114 Characters incl spaces)



Nothing remains forever
Absolutely nothing
It’s all an illusion
The fact that a question did not get its answer in the past

(156 Characters incl spaces)


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