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Self-created Music Monster (Musician/Producer/TV&Radio Editor & Host): awake, Burning The Midnight Lamp. "I'll always touch you".

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The Blues

To make a mistake
To pay the dues
To outgrow the love
Like kids do with shoes
To outgrow the kisses
And be left with the blues.

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Bakelite (2)

She thought his eyes – looked so daringly
He thought her eyes – looked for him
Her words like tonic
Sparkling sparingly
He could have drowned
Inside her gin.

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Bakelite (1)

A stroke of luck and connectivity
The velvet swaying of her hips
I feel I’ve known you since eternity
I know the silk seal of your lips.

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Out Of Bounds

Tried to be
The rock in the sea
Onto which you’d cling for safety
But to you water was tasty
And your eyes said: “Out of bounds”.

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Take Time

Take your time to heal
To tame anger
To feel
But time is her own cancer
Take a little too long – and what you kindle, she’ll steal.

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