Treegaping (40 Poems)

TreeGapingOpen is the micro poetry moniker for Trish Saunders, a Honolulu-based poet and short fiction writer.

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Still Strangers

Each day we leave
at the same time,
our eyes don’t quite meet,
we’re not about to speak, but
our legs march together
in rhythm.

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Menacing Night

What craziness takes you out tonight?
Moonlight will hit your car window. Hard.
Crows will rise above the bridge,
turn, look at you.
They are not birds.

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Dirge for a Hawaiian crow

The scientists have a bloodlust on them
as merciless as hunters —
They tagged your fragile claws
and caged you, for your own good,
far away from your forests

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The vacant lover

This empty house is aching
with loneliness for you
The sofa sags, the windows
are crusted with dirt —
and you are not here
to see the ginger flowers bloom

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Burning cold

The letters you wrote me
are gone now. Still,
I remember
the envelopes
scorched my hands.

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