Second (7 Poems)

Not much to say, just trying to go on.

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I’ve never been
friends with sun
as I was born
in a cold winter morning
The cold breeze was
my first and only friend
This season always remember
who I truly am

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I quit smoking
two weeks ago
but the taste
of cigarettes
was still in my mouth
when you kissed me
this morning

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#micropoetry #veryshortstory

Christmas Runway

Finally alone
We both
Running from home

Do you remember
What you said
About that December?

If don’t, I do
And those words
Will haunt you

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I’m just hurt
no need to worry
even if it’s your fault
even if I’m sleepless
It’s just me, after all

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#micropoetry #gogyohka


Putting my shoes on
Getting ready to go out
And dance until the world
Stop spinning
Then I’ll put the shoes off
And dance until
It start spinning again

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Nostalgic Happiness

I don’t have a reason for
But I’ve been feeling blissful
Seems those days we spent together
Lived more in my heart

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#micropoetry #veryshortstory