RobSpina1 (21 Poems)

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A spectre, floating, creeping behind
Common, familiar, but no friend
It inches purposefully forward
To block life, so to descend

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So Cruel

Please… don’t break from my grip.
Senses sting… poisoned as I slip
Into toxicity of jobless causticity.
So cruel… back in this grisly cesspool
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Taking ugly odds, handsome chances,
I defied doom, being quite deft,
But no longer, can’t, as I lost count
How many of my nine lives I have left

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Much quicker than thought…
It can’t be bought or taught,
As it accompanies forethought
To help sidestep the onslaught.

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The focal point of all
and the hub of attention.
To her, it’s commonplace;
it’s secondhand and threadbare.
But fully expected.

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Apollo Legend3

Apollo 8 mightier than all,
To leave earth for the moon;
edge-of-seat drama without flaw,
from “in the beginning” to Pacific noon

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So mired, in rubble neck deep.
So tired, in trouble, must sleep.
No rest, so to plead and connive.
I wrest to be freed, kept alive.

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I flatter her to some degree,
and I won’t be forgotten easily;
but, she’s too cautious to let me know.

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