PoeticFool (9 Poems)

Photographer, poet, IT professional. Still trying to figure this life thing out. Writing helps. My first volume of poetry, "The Ramblings of a Poetic Fool" was published in 2013.

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when wishes collide
shattered dreams
in tiny razor shards
fall to the floor
cutting those
who dare
walk on

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Mind Field

Painful memories
buried in my mind
some explosive,
I don’t want to find
So I fear each step
for I’m walking blind
and am on terrain
that has been well mined
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a seed sleeps
beneath a blanket
of old snow
waiting …
for the sun
to pull away her covers
embrace her,
make love to her
and release
her beauty within

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sometimes I must simply see
what I wish won’t often be
and if I love, one true sign
is if her wish becomes mine

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sleepless hours of the early morn
from you being too long torn
out in the darkness where I find
you haunt the recesses of my mind

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Dying Inside

There’s a gnawing within me
devouring the man that you see
leaving behind not more than
a mere shell of a man

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