PeterJAdams (4 Poems)

Peter James Adams is a 25 year old writer from the north east of England. Concentrating more on short fiction and poetry he is a lover of all writing. A broad range of inspiration comes from such great writers as Lord Byron, Alexandre Dumas, Kurt Vonnegut, Neil Gaiman and Ed Brubaker to name but a few.

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Nightmare Regression

Waking up to spend a day followed by a ghost
The nightmare was in full horrific colour
Cursed to be forever haunted?
Perhaps I just need new pastures?

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Staring into the window
Knocking on the door
Looking at the happiness within

Better shut the blinds
Should bar the entrance
Don’t give tortured souls entry

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With their heads in the clouds everyone’s dreaming
Those dreams turn into nightmares and now everybody is reeling
Say bye to fun and hello to that dark feeling

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