PTsouros (24 Poems)

Poetry on life's Journey. Thank you for taking the time to read the poems. They come from the heart.

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Naked Truth

When the truth is bleak undress the sugar coated words and see the naked truth.
I write those words and you know I die but I’ve died so often now.

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Like a crackhead I was hooked,
haunted for the next touch of your lips,
for your breathe on mine,
for your words in my soul.

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I lived in the rush to brush the dangerous,
I ran right to the edge of love, hanging onto the illusion of you,
the allure of a mirage in the expanding desert.

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Staring at the soul of
Her #Clouds
Like thick balls of cotton
Watching them drift
On the horizon
Of her life

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Chilled Embrace

In your embrace,
how I’d be yours
so quickened and chilled
by the rush of your blade
in such irresolute moments.

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Love Hearts

Pink Heart,
Blue Heart,
White Heart,
Green Heart,
Orange Heart,
whatever colour, it beats to soul of your life.

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Barefoot on the
Waters edge
In the haze of the sunshine
Magical rainbow
Colours my mind
Deep in my dreams

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For touching my soul
Thank You, Thank You
Thank You, Adieu 2013
Wishing you wake
To you’re fantastical
Dream 2014

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