NeelamDadhwal (25 Poems)

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She soars

She soars
her head above the water,
besides a tortoise
who has the shell,
the glittering sand
on her face, she empties out
her enemies.

(135 characters incl. spaces)


The sun is

The sun is
the shape of my brow
raised and sharp,
the world is a view
and the sun rays
I am blessed with
are shade.

(115 characters incl. spaces)



Sharing the sea sunset
we forget the things
we quarreled over
more often,
in a time lapse
of emotions
deep of our eyes.

(119 characters incl. spaces)


In tiff

In tiff
with each other,
the stars of the night
the moon is no help
their sparkling
in the dead night
for those eyes

(125 characters incl. spaces)



A new leaf turning
toward the sun,
within the grasp of
a tendril
“where is my sky
looking up,
I may find you.”

(110 characters incl. spaces)


A Little

A little
ahead is this life
on the petals of
a sublime flower,
your thoughts are
woven, just alright.

(101 characters incl. spaces)


It Came Back

It came back
echoing through the forest
I never would inhabit
but for the sake of Sun
soon to be hollow trees
will be spared
of certain wisdom.

(143 characters incl. spaces)



catching the shade
in a metro all the things
better even tax free
our all secrets are known
better than prototypes

(115 characters incl. spaces)