Lisa Hartjen (11 Poems)

Lover of the waxed word and whispered nothings. East Coast, US.

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by forgotten insults
twin trunks veer
seeking distant light
yet flesh remains true
to a blueprint once shared

(117 characters incl. spaces)



not far from shore
he prefers waters
rhythm lapping hull
to the relentless rush
of tires on macadam

(102 characters incl. spaces)



Your skin reflects a sun
released from ravages of day
green glow, yellow overtones
Toulouse-Lautrec in grey

(107 characters incl. spaces)



A twig mended with twine
his jar of morning coffee
the small red clamp
placed well out of reach
he marks every corner

(134 characters incl. spaces)


The Spell of Silence

In the spell of silence
your voice enters as my own
distinguished by foreign design
I welcome the intrusion
and wonder at the origins
of your spirit travels

(157 characters incl. spaces)


silver lining

If I peeled silver lining from a dark cloud
I’d wear it ’round my neck
sculpt gossamer wings
destined for flight
in hapless windstorms

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