JoanMcNerney (48 Poems)

I am resourceful (still alive), outstanding (6 ft tall) and beautiful (well men have said so therefore it must be true). Also have a good sense of humor.

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The Search

We are the lost who have
climbed hillsides…gathering
innumerable and unnamed
stumbling over sharp rocks
searching for our long shadows.

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Each night
vessels of thought
as quick as
mercury spill over.
Some mornings
we wake empty
of those memories.

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I Remember

You are conjured up in
my mind as I see
your face over tops of trees
blossoms of trees.
O your fabulous face.

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All those wars, that punctuation.
Where were they supposed to be?
Between what years, what phrases?
Blue and gold honor pins.
High marks hidden in my box.

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