JoanMcNerney (48 Poems)

I am resourceful (still alive), outstanding (6 ft tall) and beautiful (well men have said so therefore it must be true). Also have a good sense of humor.

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It’s Sunday

We stop at the lake.
You turn to hold me, hold me
hurry it’s late. Pink clouds ribbon
heaven and I want your arms
around me forever.

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The frigid bus on the frosty street
full of frozen people I’ll never meet.
A saccharine smile on a frozen face,
an icy billboard is in its place.

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Drizzle zig zag splashing
winds brushing our hair.
Tracing footsteps, trance-like
in yellow fog.

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Coffee Break

Life is hard so when problems come
have coffee with a favorite chum.
Success may seem too far up
but things look better from a coffee cup.

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