Barry (6 Poems)

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Does the earth dream
when in darkness?-a
sleeping compass i
direct a planets dream
to mine-secrets divine help me
cross the line.

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The rower

The winds blow on the water below
and under history’s wings-rowing
I follow their flight. The race
ends and brings the beginning of
my story.

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The echoes are late
as I wait at heavens
gate-the applause
my audition for eternity-
the race my cause, my
offer of beauty

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Athletes-candles seeking flames
distant Gods examine desire
with arrows of fire they take aim
-targets flame in silver and gold
names preserved forever in bold.

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Medals made from gold
legends formed from
stories of old
a diver leaves his board
to create an arc
a historian lifts his pen
to mark ceremonial gifts

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The seed is caught
of beauty sought
the confluence of athletes and audience-
like a dancer absorbing the dance
the fragrance of flowers and honey

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