4ERL (10 Poems)

Poetry be life

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Morning dew,
When the sleep is dew
A clear path, you drew
Taste of the early tongue
Sour brew.

(94 Characters incl spaces)


Full moon.

full moon
blood tags
the sweet tea drying my lips wet
honey, the blood makes me a fool.

(87 Characters incl spaces)



Busy eating icecakes
celebrating his birthday
on christmasday
such delight
of the holiday sight
craving night
dont let the cold bite
its christmas

(157 characters incl. spaces)



The glowing sun
What a relief it brings to one
Enlightenment it gives
The hope it brings
But unwillingly covered by clouds
Slowly disappears

(141 characters incl. spaces)



State of mind
what’s my thought
Of you precious
Being hard to find

(66 characters incl. spaces)



Tables turn
He twists and burns
With rage
Bottles fly and run
Punch kick and blows
each exchanged for one
the bar a war nation
Cause he is drunk

(160 characters incl. spaces)



Oh dear
i simply need you here
By my side
For it is love
that makes us bind

(75 characters incl. spaces)


so ..

So swift i can’t touch
so naive i cant love
so kind i cant hurt
so wild i cant snatch
so true i cant learn
what makes me addicted
to you the convicted

(150 characters incl. spaces)



What if i pose for this moment
thinking that you know it
that feeling
that eats my inside bit by bit
what if i fondle your skin
wishing for you to do the same

(160 characters incl. spaces)