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On twitter microprose and micropoetry can be found tagged with twitter hastag #artwiculate. This tag is use in conjunction with Artwiculate – the twitter-based Word of the Day competition that helps clever people look clever and helps the rest of us learn new words. More info at http://artwiculate.com

Here are the latest artwiculate micropoems & prose live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #artwiculate (some tweets below may not be poems)

Fed up With your cloying cuddles Without love #artwiculate

@fount8 She said, "It grieves me so To see your sticky mess I wish there was something I could do To make your cloying less" I said, "I appreciate that And would you please explain About the fifty ways?".... "There's no need to cloy Roy Just get yourself free" #artwiculate

@peterhamill4 I met my old lover on the street last night She seemed so glad to see me, I just smiled And we whispered sweet nothings like the old times as we drank ourselves some beers Still cloying after all these years So cloying after all those beers #artwiculate

The idealised pastel hued landscape backdrops to animated children’s movies make them seem extra cloying. Of course they’re only CGI. #artwiculate #anagram

How cloying -- "Sweet dreams are made of this..." But -- who am I to disagree? #artwiculate

Sweet and sickly Or laid on thickly How annoying Is anything cloying #artwiculate

Cognoscenti of the culinary arts appreciate the distinction between gourmet and gourmand #artwiculate

You can only be a cognoscenti of moonshine, nothing else! That's how I made my fortune, and how you can drink legal whiskey, ungrateful! No love under the illegal moonshine, get out of my life! #artwiculate #vss365

@peterhamill4 And we sit and drink our coffee Couched in our indifference, Like shells upon the shore You can hear the muttered awe Of the rambling cognoscenti And their supercilious sighs, The borders of our lives. #artwiculate

@fount8 Kids that can't afford the cool brand whose anger is a short-hand For you'll never get a wristband and if you ain't wristband cognocenti then you just ain't gainin' entry #artwiculate

Q: What do you call biblical cognocenti? A: Noah, Lot #artwiculate

if you don't know what 'cognoscenti' measn you must not be very well read :) #artwiculate ....and no it has nothing to do with the paparazzi ~

Perhaps one of the wordplay cognoscenti could tell me what the #artwiculate WOTD is? #Repost

When it comes to knowledge of idioms, I'd say I'm recognized as part of the cognoscenti. I know them like the front of my hand. #artwiculate

Carly Simon’s ‘Your So Vain’ was seen by the cognoscenti as a conceit song. #artwiculate #anagram

Parliamentary cognoscenti follow their no’s, no matter what their ayes may reveal. #artwiculate

A former model, she now associates herself with the cognoscenti. But, they know the truth about her breasts. They're ex pert. #artwiculate #redux

The move to form a society of Kiwi cognoscenti will never fly. They're all no wing types. #artwiculate

Those jeans Made in Somewhere Madefy my legs I'm afraid everybody will think Something else Dry nonsense Dampen my spirits #artwiculate

@fount8 He was a moist peculiar man. That's what Mrs. Riordan says and she should know; She loves to madefy She said he was a moist peculiar man. #artwiculate

#artwiculate I’m all washed up trying to find a pun for madefy

@peterhamill4 Slip sliding away, slip sliding away You know the more you madefy your situation, the more you slip sliding away #artwiculate

I’d left instructions to madefy them in diluted bleach but my deaf Dad made Ma defy my instructions to fade my jeans. #artwiculate #anagrams

"Madefy" is the #Artwiculate word tonight. Perfect for those with a dry sense of humor.