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On twitter microprose and micropoetry can be found tagged with twitter hastag #artwiculate. This tag is use in conjunction with Artwiculate – the twitter-based Word of the Day competition that helps clever people look clever and helps the rest of us learn new words. More info at http://artwiculate.com

Here are the latest artwiculate micropoems & prose live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #artwiculate (some tweets below may not be poems)

@ArdenTyneKent Cuckyoung knew it was only a matter of time. #Artwiculate

Rory lay his eggs, and hurriedly left Leaving Mr. Cuckold to solve the rest, After he called for a DNA test Wherein thus wishing the off-spring the best. #Artwiculate

Talking about all things cuckold - when my Ex had his tantrum about my affair with his brother, I just said "My adultery is more fun for me than your infancy" #artwiculate

@vivchook ‘s Ex sneezed loudly when he caught her in flagrante with his brother - seems he caught a bit of a cuckold! #artwiculate

@fount8 Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes Put it in your pantry He's your cuckold It's a little secret, Mrs Robinsons' affair Most of all, she's got to hide it from the kids #artwiculate

. Mother Earth’s husband must have no idea what we’re doing to her. . #artwiculate (cuckold) #haiku #poetry #micropoetry .

when a cuckold takes hold of your heart there's no blame but your heart #artwiculate

@peterhamill4 Old friends Winter companions The cuckold men Lost in their underpants Waiting for the sunset The sounds of the sinners Sifting through trees Settle like dust How terribly strange To be surplus #artwiculate

Tarzan mused that Jane had seemed rather distracted lately Might he be a cuckold? Now, who would dare monkey with him? Ah, that damned Cheetah #artwiculate

#artwiculate I asked my husband to come up with a pun for cuckold for me. He said ...”that’s cheating”

Suspect there may be a rooster in your henhouse? Don’t be a cuckold, check if all your fowls do cluck #artwiculate #anagram

Trump: Cuckold? She's not my type. Besides, I've never met her and she signed a non-disclosure agreement. #artwiculate

"My dog has no nose" "How does he smell?" "Proboscis!" #Crickets That's not funny, at all. #Artwiculate

Q: Why did the proboscis cross the road? A: Nobody nose. #artwiculate #badjoke

I used to be against snogging my manager but now I'm pro boss-kiss. #artwiculate

The first time I saw my Ex's brother was at the lake house, & he was just wearing his trunks. I accept no blame - a woman knows when she's looking at more than a proboscis in Speedos. #artwiculate

Proboscis A nose, by any other name, would smell as sweetly #artwiculate

I don’t live there, so maybe I should keep my proboscis out of UK politics But I do so want to see that Boris cops it on the nose #artwiculate #anagram

Proboscis are not all the same Nor a nose by another name The examples are ample So I’ll list here a sample: To a butterfly, it’s a nozzle For sucking up nectar For Pinocchio, it’s a lie detector And, while it has an olfactory gland To an elephant, it’s like a hand #artwiculate

Who nose why #artwiculate picked proboscis as today’s word? They just stuffed it in there, hoping we wouldn’t blow it.

I found this excellent novel called “Year Of The Proboscis.” I have a nose for a good book. #artwiculate

@peterhamill4 Deputy Sheriff said to me Tell you what, get your proboscus outa here, boy You better keep your nose clean You're in trouble boy And now you're heading into more It's the same old story Everywhere I go I get slandered Libeled I hear words I never heard In the Bible #artwiculate

On an elephant, the proboscis Is between where the tusks is #artwiculate

@fount8 And here's to you, Mrs. Proboscis Jesus loves you more than your big nose, wo wo wo #artwiculate

I was going to do a poll asking people if they were proboscis or antiboscis but I was afraid that would be too nosy. #artwiculate