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On twitter microprose and micropoetry can be found tagged with twitter hastag #artwiculate. This tag is use in conjunction with Artwiculate – the twitter-based Word of the Day competition that helps clever people look clever and helps the rest of us learn new words. More info at http://artwiculate.com

Here are the latest artwiculate micropoems & prose live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #artwiculate (some tweets below may not be poems)

VENI VIDI VANQUISHMENT ........... I Came I Saw I Caused A Debacle #artwiculate

It’s bound to be a debacle when a dotard is elected President. #artwiculate pic.twitter.com/rhkC5O9Wib

I predict the by-law change permitting people to keep pet dogs in apartment buildings will result in a fiasco Debacle #artwiculate

She worried about her reputation but her attempts at platonic relationships were a debacle. Her dates always ended with another cockup #artwiculate

It’s so typical of the Trump regime train wreck that Donald thinks the solution to his southern border debacle is to make CA bleed #artwiculate #anagram

@peterhamill4 Old fools Hard Brexit Conservatives The old men Lost in their overreach Waiting for the sunset Time it was And what a time it was It was A time of impotence A time of debacle Not long to go. . . it must be I have an epitaph Preserve your memories #artwiculate

Q: What's a PR nightmare? A: It's the debacle a PR person gets into for sleeping on the job #artwiculate #badjokes

We had set sail some 134 days ago. Our rations were spoiled and water was scarce. Many of the men suffered caliture. We didn’t know if we would make it to dry land, and safety. Only time would tell. . #artwiculate

I love, I love, I love my calenture girl Yeah, sweet calenture girl I love, I love, I love my calenture girl Heat stroke every day of the year #artwiculate

@fount8 I was twenty-one years when I wrote this song I've calenture now, and I won't last for long Time's sailing on And the seas that are blue turn to green #artwiculate

@peterhamill4 Calenture can give us those nice bright colours Make weird dreams that leave us dumber Make you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah I got delirium, heat stroke may write my epitaph So Summer don't make for calenture today #artwiculate

Afflicted by calenture Adrift upon the tropic ocean The Ancient Mariner Claimed that he had seen The sea turn blue and white and green And then back to cerulean #artwiculate

The sailor looked around him, it appeared as if he was surrounded by emerald green hills Calenture? Actually no, you see he was a Swiss yachtsman becalmed at Lucerne Lake #artwiculate #anagram

I’m not suffering from calenture, but watching how poorly the Red Sox are playing against the Yankees is making me hot. I’m about to have a stroke. #artwiculate

Dive into the grassy meadow that is WOTD calenture #artwiculate

If I was facing a Mastermind question asking what Calenture was , I tell you...I’d be be sweating. #artwiculate

#artwiculate Amphibrach what a funny word, When you wonder is it really the word you heard. Maybe the word was caravan, Or maybe it’s a jamacain holding bacon and a beer can.

Beware of the amphibrach’s foot in door It always wants more. Give it an inch and it takes mile Because hey, that seductive, tantalising smile. #artwiculate

Amphibrach art's most famous three syllable movies are Key Largo and The Big Sleep. #artwiculate

@fount8 SaySeeelYa you're breaking my heart, You're shaking my confidence daily. Oh SaySeeelYa, I'm flat on my back, You're a big amphibrach please come home. #artwiculate

@peterhamill4 Hello, darkness, my old friend I've come to amphibach again Because a vision softly creeping Left it’s prosody while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Between syllables of silence #artwiculate

When Donald says he’s a genius, he erroneously over-emphasises ‘I’, making an amphibach Actually he’s a genus #artwiculate

Donald’s physique is best described as amphibach: his middle is stressed, while he is short handed on both sides #artwiculate

The elephant is an amphibrach though its front's truncated more than its back #artwiculate

With amphibrach as WOTD the Game's a foot #artwiculate

I must stress that today’s #artwiculate word is amphibrach. I’m headed to read the bathroom wall with a man from Nantucket.

Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious ... #artwiculate twitter.com/artwiculate/st…

@fount8 I know a woman, became a wife  This is the very word she used to describe her life  She said  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious You know the nearer your destination  The more you're pop Poppin' away #artwiculate

@peterhamill4 I met a one man band on Cherry Tree Lane last night He seemed so glad to see me, I just smiled And we talked about some old movies and we drank ourselves some beer Still supercalifragilisticexpialidocious after all these years #artwiculate