#15tt – Fifthteen Minute Tweet Tales

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

15 Minute Tweet Tales or #15tt, is a twitter hashtag game run by Jocelyn Rish. Each day a new word will be the prompt for a tale told in less than 140 characters.  Authors will have just 15 minutes to compose a very short story.

Jocelyn explains the reason for this…

“Since I tend to obsess over and tweak my stories to death, I’m giving myself a time limit for each one.  Once I tear off the calendar page to reveal the new word, I’ll only have fifteen minutes to craft my masterpiece, and then I’ll tweet the story, no matter how much it makes me cringe.

This daily exercise will be helpful in many ways.  The most important being that by challenging myself to do this every day, I’ll exercise my writing muscles even if I don’t have time to work on my longer pieces. Also, the theory is the new words will actually stick in my forgetful brain once I’ve created a story using them (and an arsenal of big words is always better, right?).

I hope other people will participate. Maybe you can’t commit to a tweet tale every day, but if you have a few minutes to kill, join the fun and stretch yourself creatively.  I’ll use the hashtag #15tt (for fifteen minute tweet tales) when tweeting the word of the day and my resulting tale.  And even though it uses up five of the precious 140 characters, I hope others also use the #15tt hashtag if they play along, so we can easily find and read their tweet tales.”

Visit her website for more information.

Here are the latest 15tt micro stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #15tt (some tweets below may not be poems)

@iwasaplatypus Tonitruous bellows from below. Hands over ears she tries to block the noise but it still seeps through. One day, she promises herself, I'll be the thunder and they will be the cowering land. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - tonitruous - thundering

@iwasaplatypus Scranch. She huddles in the cupboard and listens to the alien eating her sister. Scranch. Gulp. Swallow. She listens as footsteps come closer. That's funny she thought, aliens don't have feet! The door opens. Scranch. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - scranch - to crunch

@iwasaplatypus My mother used to say Stop That! And I would. For a moment. As soon as she was gone I allowed rhinotillexomania free rein. It was glorious. Until I lost a finger. It's there, in my brain. Floating around. Still picking. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - rhinotillexomania - compulsive nose picking

@iwasaplatypus Life seen through the bottom of a wine glass. Cloudy days filled with turbid thoughts, all {e}qually depressing. With a sigh she reaches for the cheese. And crackers. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - qually - of wine, cloudy or turbid

@iwasaplatypus He was a snake. A guard snake with parasigmatism. It put him at a disadvantage. When it came to warnings he could not hissssssss, so they put him on kitchen duties instead. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - parasigmatism - inability to pronounce the sound 's'

@iwasaplatypus Today, her brain had been obnubilated. Not by circumstances or alcohol, but by fear. A generalised fear, with no bounds. And as such it consumed her. Completely. Nothing left. To give. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - obnubilate - to becloud; to obscure

@iwasaplatypus Ever on the hunt for something new, his neolatry ways soon became a burden. After all, most worshippers found comfort from repetition and the novel was the work of the devil. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - neolatry - worship of novelty