#15tt – Fifthteen Minute Tweet Tales

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

15 Minute Tweet Tales or #15tt, is a twitter hashtag game run by Jocelyn Rish. Each day a new word will be the prompt for a tale told in less than 140 characters.  Authors will have just 15 minutes to compose a very short story.

Jocelyn explains the reason for this…

“Since I tend to obsess over and tweak my stories to death, I’m giving myself a time limit for each one.  Once I tear off the calendar page to reveal the new word, I’ll only have fifteen minutes to craft my masterpiece, and then I’ll tweet the story, no matter how much it makes me cringe.

This daily exercise will be helpful in many ways.  The most important being that by challenging myself to do this every day, I’ll exercise my writing muscles even if I don’t have time to work on my longer pieces. Also, the theory is the new words will actually stick in my forgetful brain once I’ve created a story using them (and an arsenal of big words is always better, right?).

I hope other people will participate. Maybe you can’t commit to a tweet tale every day, but if you have a few minutes to kill, join the fun and stretch yourself creatively.  I’ll use the hashtag #15tt (for fifteen minute tweet tales) when tweeting the word of the day and my resulting tale.  And even though it uses up five of the precious 140 characters, I hope others also use the #15tt hashtag if they play along, so we can easily find and read their tweet tales.”

Visit her website for more information.

Here are the latest 15tt micro stories live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #15tt (some tweets below may not be poems)

@iwasaplatypus The Baboonery, he called it, but others called it Parliament and were hoping for a fair go. He just munched on bananas, watching the show. No expectations, bar a byline in bold. #15tt

@iwasaplatypus The Abactor, in these days of vegetarianism, found abducting carrots for ransom to be more lucrative than beef. The side effects were good too, sharper eyesight, for a start. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - baboonery - foolishness; stupidity; nonsense - an uncouth, ridiculous, or brutish condition, attitude, or action.

"Look how big my abactor muscles are!" "you mean your calf muscles?... oh, okay, now I'm going to kill you! %-P" #15tt

The Zabaglione family wondered why they could never get rid of the cops out of their dessert shoppe crime family front. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - Abactor - cattle thief , cattle rustler

@iwasaplatypus His favourite, frozen zabaglione, with a little something extra. She licked her own, unadulterated, bowl clean and watched calmly as he turned a vivid shade of blue around then lips. Grave dug. Doctor paid off. Police in pocket. Now the fortune was all hers. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - zabaglione - an Italian sweet made of whipped and heated egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine, served hot or cold.

@iwasaplatypus The constant yabbering was getting on her nerves. She knew, intellectually, that politicians had perfected the use of circular talk, but the reality was a shock to her system. She began to rethink her career. Perhaps journalism was not her path. Dog trainer? Grave robber? #15tt

Yabba dabba didgeridoo aborigines "Jar of hearts" 40,000 years ago. #15tt

Xanthic gum!? Someone peed in the chicklets, again! #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - yabba - large Jamaican earthenware or wooden vessel - an English word of Australian Aboriginal origin meaning "to talk"

@iwasaplatypus That xanthic glow told her she'd got the proportions all wrong. Never mind, she thought, grandma wouldn't glow for long, and til it faded she'd make a lovely nightlight. #15tt

@iwasaplatypus All out of wack. A dash of winter before autumn ends. She reminds herself that european type seasons are not really applicable where she lives. And puts on another jumper. #15tt

#15tt word of the day is - xanthic - yellow; yellowish

VaaljaPie is just grapes in a crust!? #15tt

ba ba-salt wack have you any rock wool? #15tt