What is #Orjay?

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Orjay or #orjay is a twitter micropoetry hashtag game. Each day there is a new “phrase”, which I believe is given to you by twitter micropoet @RJ_kumarkumar. Then each author writes a poetic verse using the new phrase

Here are the latest orjay micropoems & prose live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #orjay (some tweets below may not be poems)

#orjay we kept feeding the flame of justice with our souls until the seeds of hope & equality become more than a dream

#orjay she was feeding the flame of knowledge it was the only gift she could offer that would dare him to dream of more

@cyberbonn Send poetic lines to #orjay 1322 " FEEDING THE FLAME " Orjay prompts are coming in weekly or sometimes twice weekly-- no longer daily.

Can anyone tell me what the current #orjay prompt is? Thx.

W/a blade of moonlight & an army @ my back I conquer worlds make stars fall feed the galactic fire of war #orjay #oceanofpoems #lunagemz

undeniably saccharine her kisses shame the reason for passion to feed love's flame #MadVerse #maypoeticwings #orjay 1322 #vss #mpy #poetry

You came into my life Taking my heart Feeding the flame of desire Satisfying a thirst I never knew was there #orjay

Lip bite side glance smile & look away feeding the flame that ignited with an accidental touch make your move before I combust #orjay 1322