What is #MSpoetry?

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Mary’s MSpalsPoets is a twitter hashtag word prompt game relating to the subject of Multiple Sclerosis. The prompt’s creator is @pettigrew66. Poets and contributors can take part by using the hashtag . You can follow the tweets on the twitter account @MSpalsPoets.

Here are the latest MSpoetry micropoems live from twitter.
Twitter hashtag: #MSpoetry

Have you ever known a druggie? They steal to support their habit. Ever asked a druggie if they stole from you? Professional liar! #MSpoetry

#MSpoetry I have decided to become a professional liar not as a lawyer or a priest or even a politician but as a host on celebrity TV

#MSpoetry it is not that politicans are professional liars it's just the way the have learned to flavor their words

#MSpoetry Sadly the best example of a professional liar anyone can give is a politician and it doesn't matter what side of the isle pic.twitter.com/JMgcoSBWvF

#MSpoetry He smiled at the sight- an unexpected vision Interloper of Delight Who cares about invasion when it brings welcome recreation!

#MSpoetry He succeeded made his mark collected his stock and tended his flock He knew how to stir fire because he's a professional liar

#MSpoetry A team of professional liars is earth's only hope Can they swindle aliens out of destroying our world or are we doomed?

He claims to be a Professional liar but He ain't fooling me #MSpoetry #prompt 'Professional liar' #haiku #micropoetry #poem #poetry

he's Rapunzel of words professional liar spinning truth on a wheel of lies he'll prick his thumb & bleed facts for a house of one #mspoetry

This heart?It is, a professional , Liar!It tells me, You ,are mine, and I,believe it every,single,time, #MSpoetry #mpy #prompt #micropoetry pic.twitter.com/awckIEEj2X

#MSpoetry Work the place Of toxicity Of professional liars It is actually hell On earth