What is #MSpoetry?

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Mary’s MSpalsPoets is a twitter hashtag word prompt game relating to the subject of Multiple Sclerosis. The prompt’s creator is @pettigrew66. Poets and contributors can take part by using the hashtag . You can follow the tweets on the twitter account @MSpalsPoets.

Here are the latest MSpoetry micropoems live from twitter.
Twitter hashtag: #MSpoetry

#MSPoetry We look to yesteryear through wiser eyes, nonetheless with imprecise memory, frequently skewing the image.

#MSpoetry Sadness of yesteryears Has flowered and flourished Hanging in the air around her Depression takes hold of Another troubled morning

#Prompt: Fri. 3/24/17 "yesteryear" Include #MSpoetry in posts. New prompts post at 12amCST #poetry #amwriting #writer

There'sNoStepsToGainInAdvantageWithout SomeoneThereToPutYouToTheTest MakingYouBothBetterInTheEnd QuestAccepted #MSpoetry #Poetry #Poem #MPY

though i have walked a million miles over a million broken streets i lie to myself when i say the quest for truth is complete #MSpoetry #mpy

Cacophony of Voices seek and answer— Monologue in echo chamber. #thesmellofwords #sensewrds #MSpoetry

#MSpoetry the quest I claimed as my own was nothing more than discovering the truth lost long ago to the shadows of my soul

The quest for food A small army of ants March onward #MSpoetry

One nightmare Became the quest Cursed with insanity Life may speak later For now, there's a lurid sunset Down in a feverish valley #MSpoetry

#MSpoetry it was the quest that called out to me daring me to be more than the shadow that I have become