What is #Madverse

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

Madverse is a twitter hashtag word prompt game run by The Lady of the Storms on twitter. Followers create their own verse in response to the prompt using hashtag #Madverse. For more information visit the Mad Queen’s profile @MadQueenStorm.

Here are the latest madverse micropoems live from twitter.
Twitter hashtag: #Madverse

I croon my laments To the stars Who appear To listen Forget that The twinkle received As response Is echo of Something long dead #MadVerse

Penyokong politik masuk neraka Penyokong bola masuk penjara #MadVerse

feelingCharmed pondering life as differentStory blinded to the deepening sky lengtheningShadows usher in darkNight of theSoul #MadVerse #vss