What is #Haikuwordgame?

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On twitter haiku micropoetry can be sometimes found tagged with the twitter hashtag #haikuwordgame. This tag is use in conjunction with the ‘Haikuwordgame’ twitter hashtag game. This haiku challenge is hosted by twitter user Ruth Du Fresne, @Pookandgrace. Participants are given three words and are required to craft a haikus using them.

Here are the latest haikuwordgame haiku micropoems live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #haikuwordgame (some tweets below may not be poems)

In a flagrant move Without a trace of kindness You left them behind #HaikuWordGame #haiku

#haikuwordgame #haiku Lets trace dreams On nights canvas Behind Flagrant passion Stir seeds of life

With flagrant disregard, we- Fallen behind the race, we- freezing without a trace we- brazen & bold we- die forgotten & cold #Haikuwordgame

A few more minutes of daylight to our dear friends @mikemumbled @Mariam_Kobras for our #haikuwordgame words. Thanks : )

#Haikuwordgame NEW GAME 1.flagrant 2.behind 3.trace WE HAVE 3 WORDS. GAME SHALL BEGIN! : )

#Haikuwordgame NEW WORD SEARCH! 1.flagrant 2.behind 3.____ when we get to 3 words game shall begin! (send your words.. remember # )