#VSS – Very Short Story

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You will sometimes find micro stories on twitter appended with the twitter hashtag #vss. The initials ‘VSS’ stands for Very Short Story. The use of this tag was started by @VeryShortStory. He says ‘I ask my Twitter followers to send me nouns. The nouns that inspire me, I use in a very short story that I send out on my @veryshortstory Twitter feed. Since it’s Twitter, the stories have to fit in 140 characters. This character space limitation can be challenging, but it forces me to use my creativity to find a way to convey the stories in a small space. My best trick is getting the readers to use their imagination to fill in the gaps’.

Microprose and fiction writers attach #vss to their very short stories. I’m not sure if this is part of a twitter hash tag game? If anyone has anymore info please contact me

Here are the latest very short stories ‘vss’ live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #vss
(some tweets below may not be stories)

Hmans had rid Graan of 70% of its pap'ls already; qA will hit in 9 Gdays. It's time to complete app ara± and lift the1000. #scifisat #vss

Emerald sapphire ruby night sky jeweled silk ties southern lights swept away by swirls of always #poeticwings #mayfalls #lunagemz #vss #mpy pic.twitter.com/e1PFLdIEq2

Stating her energy Akin to a Symphony to his ears. #vss

I've seen strangers kiss in the dark. They seemed to know each other pretty well, at least for that night. #storytime #vss

Nothing Like The Days Of Rocking Away On Grandma's Porch #hangtenstories #Vss #Poetry

My triggers shout at me in staccato tones, reminding me of stability's distance and misplaced fantasy. #SableSwanV #poetry #mpy #vss

I went to see some world but didn't want it to see me so hid inside my eyes & moved quietly hoping to go unnoticed by the terrible we. #vss

At the poolside I see a woman with an ink-burnt painting of the wings of an angel on her back. I do wonder if she is a true angel. #vss