Just a List

It all started with
Just a list
Of crazy dreams
With destinations unknown
And a journey within

(95 Characters incl spaces)



i have the best words
locked up downstairs

i never let em out
never let em

(78 Characters incl spaces)



Inside me, there was poetry
for the first time in far too long,
the undeniable music of the soul,
the irresistible rhythm of the language.

(139 Characters incl spaces)


Males Somnia

Mind-Prison created
Stay-on, unloved wretch
Pain, ever soulful pain
embody the selfish
Malus Somnia push away

(109 Characters incl spaces)


First Words

Suppress self
all intelligible words
of intangible mind
deep-seeded ignorance
Forgotten first words

(99 Characters incl spaces)


To Write

I turn to the screen once again
To write
Since my magical powers
Are words not mind-reading games

(99 Characters incl spaces)


Corrupt Vine

Tight against drunken Mother’s bosom
Down spoiled fruit
Falling from corrupt vine
Futures grandeur

(114 Characters incl spaces)


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