Poet’s Life

Aesthetics views
Of abstract speculations
And theoretical definitions
The viewpoint of a poet’s life
In which they write.

(122 Characters incl spaces)


My Kryptonite

My kryptonite is noise
For then I shall not write
Until the world becomes quiet and still
Then I shall write the story
Of my life.

(131 Characters incl spaces)



letting go..
realizing my memories
of us were only stories
I had written…

(82 Characters incl spaces)




Hey hey
you you
Get up
Stand up
Pick up
your slim
blue pencil
I need a ride
I need you to
write me over
to the Other Side.

(122 Characters incl spaces)


guide my hand

Guide my hand today,
Show me the way.
To speak whats inside,
When thoughts collide.
Show me passion
With no fashion.
Words from you
Its your view.

(154 characters incl. spaces)


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