He waited for years till he could find the right words for his feelings
But alas! She was no more interested in those words or feelings

(135 Characters incl spaces)



Breaking the chains of slavery
The punctuation marks desert
Their designated spaces
And leave the tyrant words
To discover a new idiom

(138 Characters incl spaces)



i have the best words
locked up downstairs

i never let em out
never let em

(78 Characters incl spaces)


Stepmother Tongue

I no longer speak
My native tongue.
She feels foreign
Like a steroid growth
Ever sprouting empty plosives
And vowels uncommitted.

(130 Characters incl spaces)


To Write

I turn to the screen once again
To write
Since my magical powers
Are words not mind-reading games

(99 Characters incl spaces)



I love ’em
Would do anything for ’em
buy ’em ice cream
send ’em to Maui
arrange conjugal visits with their prefixes and suffixes
Words–I love ’em!

(147 Characters incl spaces)



Should I be thankful?
That the words have been freed
Now it flows from my mind
It will not stop, it will not heed

(113 Characters incl spaces)


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