But when the sea hushes the shore
With foaming edge, another score,
Above the earthen howling voice,
A common wave devoid of choice.

(143 Characters incl spaces)



his voice
I curl into
a fallen yellow leaf..

(64 Characters incl spaces)


At The Same Point In Time

Listen to me
Listen carefully
Listen to what I want to say
Listen to my voice
Listen to the person inside
Conscience and intuition are two different things.

(156 Characters incl spaces)


Barriers and Hope

Wait for a while,
listen to what the person inside wants to say.
Listen to yourself,
your own voice.
Be truthful
Definitely, a definite way will be found.

(157 characters incl. spaces)



you, the regular
resident of dreams
your voice shredding
me, through dream-water
how many and great
are my “sins”
to you


(131 characters incl. spaces)



Wood chairs are empty
Their voices have disappeared
Quiet to listen

(67 characters incl. spaces)



Silence fills my head
As I wait to hear your voice
Not understanding
How your absence
Brings us closer together

(111 characters incl. spaces)



i lost my sleep
over a thought I could not
make my own:
the sun’s antidote changed
the voice of the wind

(104 characters incl. spaces)



I haven’t seen you
but I heard your voice
Is it just me
or is it destiny’s choice?

(82 characters incl. spaces)


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