My Kryptonite

My kryptonite is noise
For then I shall not write
Until the world becomes quiet and still
Then I shall write the story
Of my life.

(131 Characters incl spaces)


Nature’s Cacophony

The chirping birds amongst the rustling leaves
The falling rain and the whistling wind
A magical beat all their own
Nature’s melody evergreen never worn

(154 Characters incl spaces)


for FieryVerse

She is a lady in waiting,
She agreed to it. Crazy
silently hating the dress
wondering if she’s just
too old for dating.

(119 Characters incl spaces)



letting go..
realizing my memories
of us were only stories
I had written…

(82 Characters incl spaces)




Blazing fast uncertainty
No one knows
What’s next
and what is it gonna be

After all, the story
You and me, wishing
life the best.

(141 characters incl. spaces)



That #yesterday
Turned into a story
With a short, but lovely ending…
I think

(85 characters incl. spaces)


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