Cricket Hours

Stars’ enigmatic lights reached down
through maples & outbuildings
not giving or taking
from cricket hours
but changing my vision
& altering my perceptions.

(157 Characters incl spaces)


A Single Word

A single word
That crosses
My mind
Ever goes by;
Evoking memories of
A pleasant dawn-
Not till I die!

(114 Characters incl spaces)



Breaking the chains of slavery
The punctuation marks desert
Their designated spaces
And leave the tyrant words
To discover a new idiom

(138 Characters incl spaces)


Just a List

It all started with
Just a list
Of crazy dreams
With destinations unknown
And a journey within

(95 Characters incl spaces)



i have the best words
locked up downstairs

i never let em out
never let em

(78 Characters incl spaces)



The desire of being at the centre
Pushed me to the periphery.
Now the desire is gone
And periphery engulfs me.

(110 Characters incl spaces)


Not the Same

Your evolution
Frightens me
You’ve changed
You’re not the same
My heart
Doesn’t recognize you

Can I still love you?

(127 Characters incl spaces)



Inside me, there was poetry
for the first time in far too long,
the undeniable music of the soul,
the irresistible rhythm of the language.

(139 Characters incl spaces)



Invisible wall is around me
The pen in my hand is so heavy
The gap between what is and what could
is eating my years

(116 Characters incl spaces)


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