Absolution I

With skin slicked,
souls glistening
– in sacred mass –
– our magical congress –
we absolve one another.

(115 Characters incl spaces)



What if i pose for this moment
thinking that you know it
that feeling
that eats my inside bit by bit
what if i fondle your skin
wishing for you to do the same

(160 characters incl. spaces)



I want to be closer
than sunburn on
your skin
deeper than light
your every movement
a reminder of me

(100 characters incl. spaces)


Ums & Ahs

Words are a road
to beneath the skin,
and it feels wasteful
to keep turning
down deadends.

(94 characters incl. spaces)



his skin still wet
from the shower..
the scent of bay rum
and bergamot soap
in our bed..

(88 characters incl. spaces)



like cigar smoke
he envelopes me
getting under my skin
stealing my breath
a habit I can’t break

(95 characters incl. spaces)


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