I give the house key to
The new owner and leave
Without looking back.
The last sandbag of
Memory is gone.
The wind is stirring.

(127 Characters incl spaces)



She silenced me
With a lash of her tongue
Her words slashed me
And I came undone
I was no hero
But yes, unsung

(112 Characters incl spaces)


My Kryptonite

My kryptonite is noise
For then I shall not write
Until the world becomes quiet and still
Then I shall write the story
Of my life.

(131 Characters incl spaces)



Bereft conjunct truth
even metaphor can’t save
poor, prostate discourse.

(72 Characters incl spaces)


The Elements

The rocks filter the water,
I call to the Elements to cleanse my mind, body & soul,
to again, make me find whole.

(128 Characters incl spaces)


Males Somnia

Mind-Prison created
Stay-on, unloved wretch
Pain, ever soulful pain
embody the selfish
Malus Somnia push away

(109 Characters incl spaces)


How to Brood

Choose focus
make it burn
do no listen
do not learn
imagine details
ruminate lines
sure guarantee
trouble in mind

(113 Characters incl spaces)


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