Broken wings

Dignity violated, confidence shattered
Clothes and pride shredded to pieces
Domination and not desire
Why should She feel guilty?

(130 Characters incl spaces)


Poems’ immortality

Thoughts painted with words
Taken from a single well
They enter the sea
Boundless in definition,
Countless ways reincarnating

(125 Characters incl spaces)


Calling Dreams

Where as, crickets call night. I call to sleep. My fingers wave full circle in the air. I am silly conductor

(108 characters incl. spaces)


#unquiet spirits

I wait, stay up late,
listen for the creak of
the unquiet spirits
that tell me
to swim upstream
and listen
to what I used to know

(129 characters incl. spaces)


Immoral Sea

I have seen them
And caressed their
Warm and soft.
My blood roars
To the shore sands
Whence more flesh
It must be this insatiable
Salt in me!
(159 characters incl. spaces)

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