Oxwich Bay

Flashes from the dunes
Lost in a twist of twilight
Never here again

(67 Characters incl spaces)


Vampire Fais Do-Do

Last night
Me and a giant
Charles Bukowski
With exaggerated
Facial features
Were hunting vampires
Outside some kind
Of dreamscape farm
During a Cajun
Fais Do-Do

(160 Characters incl spaces)



Shot in the heart by a song
Black tar, leaking.
A weak grasp
Of this reality;
Found within the key of
A minor.

(111 Characters incl spaces)



Invisible wall is around me
The pen in my hand is so heavy
The gap between what is and what could
is eating my years

(116 Characters incl spaces)



I give the house key to
The new owner and leave
Without looking back.
The last sandbag of
Memory is gone.
The wind is stirring.

(127 Characters incl spaces)


Males Somnia

Mind-Prison created
Stay-on, unloved wretch
Pain, ever soulful pain
embody the selfish
Malus Somnia push away

(109 Characters incl spaces)


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