he was..
a gardenia scented
dark Savannah night…

(70 Characters incl spaces)



Nights black shroud
hand in hand
with a tenebrous fear
pervading my soul.
What unspeakable horrors
lie on the edge of darkness

(126 Characters incl spaces)


A Glimpse

You’re that stranger whom
I met once on a busy street,
The glimpse of an eternity
In our eyes that night was
Nothing more than that,
A glimpse.

(149 Characters incl spaces)



I gave you my love
what more do you seek
to lighten the night
my beloved
let the fire burn
& consume the moth

(110 Characters incl spaces)



The night, mind awake, revelation
More thoughts, wandering ’round, illumination
Heavy, heavy, unmentioned
Late, by end, filled frustration.

(139 Characters incl spaces)


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