Cricket Hours

Stars’ enigmatic lights reached down
through maples & outbuildings
not giving or taking
from cricket hours
but changing my vision
& altering my perceptions.

(157 Characters incl spaces)



Inside me, there was poetry
for the first time in far too long,
the undeniable music of the soul,
the irresistible rhythm of the language.

(139 Characters incl spaces)


defying expectations

the west wind creates a mound of snow
sticking 3′ out from the east side of my van
it never falls or melts
forcing me to chop it off
with the snow shovel

(154 Characters incl spaces)


difficult ratio

when you are 48 inches tall
and the snow is 48 inches high
and not yet packed down

it can be pretty hard
to get quality snow play

(131 Characters incl spaces)


Manmade Cave

Within stone walls ten inches thick
rain goes unnoticed. It takes #thunder
to get our attention, only to have us
shrug it off.

(128 Characters incl spaces)


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