her body
a ripe peach..
the blush
of moonlight…

(49 Characters incl spaces)



hot summer night..
I wore moonlight..
you wore a smile…

(57 characters incl. spaces)


Moonlight Girl

she was his moonlight girl..
coming to him in the moment
before sleep..when he listened
to his heart…

(103 characters incl. spaces)



moonlight passed
through his fingers..
as he fumbled
with his cigarettes…

(75 characters incl. spaces)


Day Doesn’t Fall

Day Doesn’t Fall
Into Night,
it eases softly
with fading light.
To tenderly, gently
wake the ones
who live by moonlight,
not by sun.

(133 characters incl. spaces)



~ Hanami
softly moonlight glows
gentle spring wind
flutters the blossom clouds
–budding memories lay
in the stain of cherries

(125 characters incl. spaces)


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