I give the house key to
The new owner and leave
Without looking back.
The last sandbag of
Memory is gone.
The wind is stirring.

(127 Characters incl spaces)



Without glasses, the world goes watercolor, bleeding into itself, a kaleidoscope all hers.

(90 Characters incl spaces)



We cocktail on the porch, the sun sets in gold dipping into your glass where an ice cube’s crack divides the still

(114 Characters incl spaces)


Next Day

Out of all the things that happened in a day,

the words she’d love to utter would be

“See you again, (my) sunshine.”

(120 Characters incl spaces)



Kid leaves the door wide
letting the outside in
where a counter man whistles his day along
and a guy in an aisle palms music with his change

(140 Characters incl spaces)


Quick fix

Your kisses lift me up.
Your hugs hold me together.
Your smile fills me with light.
But you are not my cure.
You numb the pain
While it simmers beneath my skin.

(160 Characters incl spaces)


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