Seasons II

The season changes,
and life with it.
I want to drink it’s red-faced claret forever
But, like its Summer sister,
It is already dying.

(135 Characters incl spaces)


Endings become beginings

White hares shiver, twitch.
In the final season; eat
a numbing last meal.

The child world watches
through the black rimmed control screen,
wonder reflected.

(160 characters incl. spaces)


You And Me

I sight the moon and stars,
And crystal clear new glass.
I hear your deep sturdy bass,
And see a world of class
Fresh air and no dust,
A world of two, just

(156 characters incl. spaces)


Care A Little

Notice how the birds stared,
Timid, timorous animals were scared,
None moved, not even the bear,
Don’t be harsh, show you care,
That way, the world’ll be fair.

(160 characters incl. spaces)


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