Of the Pen

I’m a fighter
I’m a lover
but my pen writes
the chapters of poetry
with one sleek stride
of the pen
another one is written.

(124 Characters incl spaces)



O lover of mine
to your heart, long is the line
ever I’ll be waiting
for your love or hating

(92 Characters incl spaces)



Her words were uttered unbroken,
Her syllables perfectly intact,
Unflinching, her eyes met mine;
A laugh to diffuse the ticking
nag of mind

(139 characters incl. spaces)


Flood of Rapture

Of the beauty in a lovers eyes countless
bards have sung,
But the flood of rapture when I glance in
her’s, is mine, all mine.

(127 characters incl. spaces)


Ladies OAP

head full of women’s names
lifelong lothario
unrequited flowers
moments and aeons
now eighty five
only names survive

(133 characters incl. spaces)


Lovers’ Brawl

Come one, come all,
To the Lovers’ Ball..
Twist and turn,
Love and Discern.

Come one, come all,
To the Lovers’ Bawl..
To the Lovers’ Brawl.

(140 characters incl. spaces)