O lover of mine
to your heart, long is the line
ever I’ll be waiting
for your love or hating

(92 Characters incl spaces)


pick it up

write me a poem
for i have written hundreds for you
demonstrate me what you got
have ever loved the same way i loved you?
did you try to?
answer me
answer me

(157 Characters incl spaces)


the waiting game

do visions of her dance around your busy mind
like the lingering feeling of love in my heart?
i wonder what you’re thinking.
i always do.

(139 Characters incl spaces)


For Love

All for love
That’s why we did it
We left our home
Our lands
Our lives
So you could live
The life we couldn’t
We did it for love

(135 Characters incl spaces)


It is as it is

It always was so
She had never known tho
And then when it all finally fell apart
She realized her heart had known from the start

(130 Characters incl spaces)



The Relationship

The Relationship
I can only think of you
with exasperation
at the challenging mix
of slick and stinging ways
that make you
my cactus.

(137 Characters incl spaces)



We have a language no one else on this planet could possibly utter. It is only ours, we two.

(93 Characters incl spaces)


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