It’s all right

It’s all right to be poor
yet not to have a stench of uncaring.

Good to have shelter.
Lonely and quiet.
At peace.

(124 Characters incl spaces)


Life’s Canvas

Linear black patterns
Gave way to shades of grey
Slowly crept in blue & then green
A touch of red was then slowly seen
Soon a rainbow where black had once been

(160 Characters incl spaces)


Red woman

She was a fireball
Looking to burn through her nights
I just pretended
But then my eyes betrayed me
She said: “Aw you still believe”

(132 Characters incl spaces)


Silent Night.

Silent night. Lonely night
Stars shine bright
in lunar light
I am alone
My heart’s weary moan
shatters the silence…

(117 characters incl. spaces)


Lonely People

as night hugs the apartment building
a lonely man eats dinner
one floor above she wonders
if she’ll find love

(109 characters incl. spaces)



diner..2 am..
windows reflect
lonely people..
defeat on their faces…

(70 characters incl. spaces)


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