Unhappy Uniqueness

wonder if snowflakes,
being forced so together,
are ever bitter about
the impossibility
of finding another
quite like themselves

(133 Characters incl spaces)


The Night

The Day
Tests me
Defeats me

I come to you
O Night!
To lie
And cry

In your dark
I am ME
In your dark
I feel Alive

(133 characters incl. spaces)



what is this loneliness
at the core of my being
that can’t be eased by
love..family or God
that makes me search
for home..still…

(130 characters incl. spaces)



If the moss could cover
my loneliness,
This idle search
that so slowly grows,
My façade is
covered at last.

(107 characters incl. spaces)



walking down the dark
wet road at night..
loneliness revealed
by the streetlight…

(83 characters incl. spaces)


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