The right filter

Something like this
Something like that
A little bit of this
Little bit of that
If not this,
then something else
Ideas never die
All they need is the right filter.

(163 Characters incl spaces)



fistful of pebbles
that is what
you are
little curled memories
cold and hard

(82 characters incl. spaces)


The Crow

The laughing crow
Sees far below
The little men
Going again
To work and home
The blue-sky dome
To them unknown

(110 characters incl. spaces)



I stand inside
his footprints..
to keep him
with me..
just a little bit

(81 characters incl. spaces)



I have this beautiful little
list of wants. They dapple
my horizon, so many sailboats
drifting in and out of need.

(114 characters incl. spaces)


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