Walking in Mist

Walking in mist.
Sad to the bone.
Moonglow shining;
I have no home.
Forsaken, lost,
in defeat.

(118 Characters incl spaces)


It is as it is

It always was so
She had never known tho
And then when it all finally fell apart
She realized her heart had known from the start

(130 Characters incl spaces)



Uncharted Space

Uncharted space
is where we go
Uncharted space
is all we know

We triangulate
from pulsar planes
so we can get
back home again.

(127 Characters incl spaces)


Going Home

pine trees stand
along the horizon
against the purple
sky at dusk
going home

(76 Characters incl spaces)



With little more than twigs & straw,
one bird can create a palace
that is safer than a million castles,

(104 Characters incl spaces)


At peace

Down by the waters edge
twilight canopy reflects
Peace rehoming my soul

(71 characters incl. spaces)



And home becomes a strange word. And stranger place.
And strangest of all, is he who has now returned…home.

(111 characters incl. spaces)



Le Thouet runs slow
across le pont we stand
and watch jumping fish

(67 characters incl. spaces)



one blue egg in
an abandoned
I stand in front of
my childhood home…

(77 characters incl. spaces)


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