Time now to rethink

Every good thing becomes part of life,
if intentions are in place & properly tuned to time
Planning happens at the back of mind when need of hour gets defined.

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A Rebel With A Cause

A change happens,
Changes remain and are bound to take place
However always remember,
never give up on the cause for which everything is being getting done.

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Dreams Do Come True

Dreams do come true,
when something like this happens in life,
most of the time,
we don’t know that something like this has remained a part of life since prior.

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Wait and Watch

Relax for a while
Wait for sometime
Wait until present moment in time becomes a thing of past
Once that happens, then think of what to do next while in present.

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Pause For A While

Wait for a while
Wait for sometime
Wait till the next moment
When that happens, then the right moment can be ascertained, so as to decide what to do next.

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